Teresa Hofer

Teresa Hofer

Teresa Hofer, MPH, PMP, CHES®, is a Senior Program Manager at IHQC.

Thursday Thoughts – Obtaining Feedback

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 16.17.14The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to quickly change our typical processes and day-to-day operations, but we also have opportunities to pioneer new operational approaches.   As we start to settle into a “new normal,” it is increasingly important to remember the voice of the “customer” – be it patient, staff, providers, partners, or the community at large – when deciding what changes to adopt, and identifying where continued improvement is needed.

Teresa HoferThursday Thoughts – Obtaining Feedback
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Thursday Thoughts – Taking Time to Reflect… to Stop and Smell the Roses

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Without question, each of us is experiencing some level of disruption to our professional and personal lives as a result of COVID-19. The demands on safety net health care staff have only been magnified with the required rapid response to patient needs, new workflows, personnel changes, and updated policies coming from their organizations and from government officials alike. This non-stop reactivity to the volume and frequency of change pushes us to operate in “survival mode,” and unfortunately puts us at high risk of burning out.

Teresa HoferThursday Thoughts – Taking Time to Reflect… to Stop and Smell the Roses
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Thursday Thoughts – Completing Our Tasks, One Step at a Time

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In this period of uncertainty, we are all asked to stretch our capacities to react to the most urgent needs of the hour, which can quickly become overwhelming as other tasks fall to the wayside. While the sea of to-dos can be daunting, project management approaches can help keep us grounded and focused, breaking things down until they feel more manageable.

As we strive to keep a proactive mindset, consider adapting and applying these tools when faced with a new directive, task, or situation:

Teresa HoferThursday Thoughts – Completing Our Tasks, One Step at a Time
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