What We Do

IHQC provides a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of your safety net population. IHQC is skilled in performing assessments that help determine an organizations readiness to engage in quality improvement efforts. In addition, IHQC has created and refined numerous training programs and comprehensive quality improvement content that teach and equip organizations on a range of topics including: Fundamentals of QI; Implementing QI; Sustaining QI, Institutionalizing Change; and Spreading Improvements. IHQC also offers consulting services and support through customized expert resources.

IHQC leverages decades of safety net experience and expertise in quality and process improvement techniques in order to provide a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organizations.

In Our Programs

IHQC runs large-scale learning communities aimed at advancing organizations’ improvement efforts and building cultures of quality. During these programs, teams from multiple organizations come together to explore quality improvement strategies and tools, exchange ideas and approaches, and get coaching to support the implementation of an improvement project. Multidisciplinary teams apply these tools and approaches back at their clinic in their own improvement project. IHQC’s curriculum includes quality and process improvement strategies, change management, communications, project management, and HIT optimization. During this process, specific topics and content are tailored to meet the unique needs of the participating organizations. For more information, visit IHQC’s Program page.

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In Our Initiatives

IHQC partners with safety net organizations, member associations, foundations and community-based organizations to facilitate initiatives aimed at improving healthcare quality and/or access. IHQC staff can provide a variety of technical assistance for your initiative, including day-to-day project management, facilitating meetings and conferences, direct coaching with stakeholders, and drafting and implementing readiness assessments. Visit IHQC’s Initiative Page to see examples of current and past initiatives, or Contact Us to discuss how IHQC can support your initiatives.

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In Our Consulting

IHQC staff and faculty leverage their clinical, operational, and administrative backgrounds and diverse set of skills to help organizations advance their QI efforts. IHQC coaching prioritizes approaches that are actionable, tools and resources that can be applied to a variety of healthcare projects, and presentations created to meet our clients’ unique needs. For more information, visit IHQC’s Consulting page.

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