Your Partner on the Journey to Exceptional Healthcare

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Our Approach

IHQC provides tools, trainings, and resources for safety net healthcare providers, integrated health delivery systems, and foundations that want to optimize the health of their communities. We leverage decades of experience in safety net quality improvement and take action-oriented approaches to solving problems.

Our interactive training sessions and curriculum are focused on the skills needed to manage and lead your strategic priorities, design and implement quality/practice transformation efforts at your sites, and take advantage of upcoming regional and statewide initiatives.


IHQC offers a number of programs that support safety net providers and organizations on their journey to providing high quality care.



We leverage our clinical, operational, and administrative backgrounds and diverse skill sets to help organizations advance their QI efforts.


Success Stories

See the impact we’ve made and breakthroughs we’ve supported through the dedicated efforts of our safety net partners and providers.

  • "I just wanted to thank you for an EXCELLENT presentation last night. Your mixture of humor, real-world experience and content was perfect for our students! I appreciate how you approach the issues seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously. We tend to do that in public health."

  • “I definitely use [all the tools we were given] and if I used them before in different ways I use them now even more. I felt like I was given so much information and different ways of making sure that I accomplish my goals every day. I would definitely recommend this program.”

  • “You heard it frequently [in the training]: ‘what is the problem you’re trying to solve?’ But it doesn’t register until you are actually doing something hands on… until you actually sit down and work [then you understand] ‘oh, this is what they mean.’[That was a] light bulb.”