IHQC collaborates with foundations, health systems, and stakeholders across the field on initiatives that aim to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare services. By partnering with organizations in coordinating and directing their initiative efforts, IHQC is able to meet the specific and unique needs of multiple delivery systems. In managing your organization’s initiative, IHQC will engage in strategic planning efforts that will guide your initiative on the path to success. In addition, IHQC will offer support by providing coaching and technical assistance in an effort to help your initiative attain its goals and make a sizable impact.

Explore a few of the initiatives IHQC is engaged in, below. For more information on how IHQC can support your organization’s initiative, please Contact Us.

Cedars-Sinai: Building a Culture of Quality

IHQC, in partnership with Cedars-Sinai, has expanded its curriculum to explore how quality improvement methodology is applied and embedded on an organizational level. We invite QI clinic teams to participate in this exciting new offering.

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Riverside University Health System

Learn more about the successful Quality Improvement Learning Community that resulted from the collaborative efforts of IHQC and the Riverside University Health System.

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Kaiser Permanente Chronic Care Management Initiative

Building upon previous improvement efforts, IHQC is currently working with community clinics in the Sacramento region to strengthen their capacity to engage in larger-scale improvement initiatives..

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Cedars-Sinai Community Clinic Initiative

IHQC is partnering with Cedars-Sinai to launch an initiative for LA County community clinics to support them in their efforts to improve quality and operational efficiencies.

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