IHQC offers a variety of programs that are tailored to support health care organizations on their journey to creating cultures of quality and providing exceptional patient care. By enrolling in our programs, you will gain access to the knowledge, tools and resources designed specifically to meet your clinic organization’s improvement needs.

Explore IHQC’s Program offerings, below. For more information on how to participate in one of our programs, please subscribe to our newsletter or Contact Us

Fundamentals in Quality Improvement

In the Fundamentals of Quality Improvement short-course, participants will attend two workshops where they will receive high-level training in quality and process improvement tools and strategies, including the Model for Improvement and small tests of change (PDSA’s), workflow redesign, communications, and project management. This program is designed for individuals and/or teams who are new to quality improvement or are looking for a way to jump-start a new improvement initiative.

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Implementing Quality Improvement

In Implementing Quality Improvement, teams will participate in a 15-month learning community where they will dive deeper into quality and process improvement strategies, communications and change management, planned, proactive team-based care, and apply these principles toward their own improvement project. By participating in this program teams will work toward developing an organizational culture of quality.

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Embedding and Sustaining Quality Improvement Projects

In the 3-month Embedding and Sustaining Quality Improvement program, teams will take an initiative that they have already piloted and/or implemented at their clinic and put in place the structures and communication channels to help ensure that their project is embedded at their clinic and that the improvements and changes can be sustained over the long-term.

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Spreading Quality Improvement

The Spreading Quality Improvement program is a 3-month learning community for teams that have piloted a quality improvement project, have project outcomes that demonstrate improvement and are looking to spread this project and the lessons learned to new sites, departments, personnel, or topic areas within their organization.

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