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Cause and Effect (Fishbone) Diagram

A Cause and Effect, or Fishbone, Diagram is a tool that teams use to identify possible causes for problems that they are encountering. After identifying high-level causes, teams can use this template to dive deeper and begin brainstorming changes to test.

QI; Template

Chronic Care Model Change Package

A collection of improvement ideas that have been tested in the primary care setting.  Adapted to fit the Chronic Care Model, the IHQC Change Package contains improvement ideas around Clinical Information Systems, Decision Support, Delivery System Design, Self-Management Support, the Community, and Health Care Organizations.

QI; Chronic Care; Change

Concept Fan

Similar to a Fishbone Diagram, a concept fan is a template that teams can use to document change ideas and PDSAs to test

QI; Template

Health Literacy Toolkit

The AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit, 2nd edition, can help primary care practices reduce the complexity of health care, increase patient understanding of health information, and enhance support for patients of all health literacy levels.


HEDIS Benchmarks

NQCA’s 2014 Medicaid Adult CAHPS Benchmarks and Thresholds. Compare your quality improvement measures to the 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile for Medicaid Health Plans.



An assessment of the purpose of huddles and the efficiency they can bring to your clinic team

Huddles; Team-Based Care; Change

Logic Model

A table or diagram of a project, program, or other initiative that shows links between: inputs/resources to be used; activities or processes to be implemented; what will be changed.

Project Map; Logic Model; Project Planning.

Measurement Collection Plan

This tool supports teams as they begin to develop their project measures and gather data

Measures; Data

Measurement Tracking Tool

This template supports teams with data collection and tracking measures.

Measures; Data

No Show Management

This tool provides best practices on how to effectively manage high no-show rates in your clinic organization

No-show; QI; Change

Oral Health Integration Implementation Guide

A guide focused on the integration of an oral health framework created by Qualis Health.

Oral; Integration; Change

Partnering with Patients

In addition to discussing the significance of Improvement tool-kits, this document details how clinic teams can engage patients in QI work to get their perspective and input on the process

Patients; Partnership; Clinic team; Change

PDSA Worksheet for Testing Change

The Plan, Do, Study, Act tool assists team in testing ideas for improvement quickly and easily.


Project Charter

This IHQC Project Charter template enables clinic teams to lay out the details of their project in a uniform manner, in order to help support their efforts through out the project period

Project Planning, QI, Template

Project Work Plan

The Project Work Plan Template assists teams as they define their objectives for team meetings, and plan their project activities

Project Planning

Self- Management Support Tool

This tool supports clinic teams as they begin to assess and educate and empower patients on their self-management and healthcare goals

Self-Management; QI; Change

SMART Objectives

Project Planning

Stakeholder Map

This tool helps teams identify who their project stakeholders will be and the most effective way to handle stakeholder relationships

Communications; Change

Triple AIM Measurement Toolkit

This web-based toolkit supports community health center leaders, quality improvement teams, and staff in measuring the Triple Aim of health, patient experience, and costs


QI; Change

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