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The Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics sought out IHQC in late 2020 to provide coaching around QI and project management for their Dental Transformation Initiative (DTI) clinic participants. Due to the public health emergencies in 2020, many of the DTI clinics had to halt or delay their advancement of expanded dental services through partnerships with school systems out of necessity. The Coalition wished to provide resources and coaching for the clinics to use as they considered if, when, and how to initiate, restart, or ramp up their dental services and partnerships again in 2021.

In response to these needs, IHQC created the Beyond Transformation Resource Hub: an approachable website with customized, on-demand modules and other resources for the Orange County clinics to refer to as they re-initiated their dental services and partnerships in the the current COVID-19 environment.

Beyond Transformation Resource Hub

The Beyond Transformation Resource Hub provides a variety of pre-recorded webinar presentations, tools, references, and other materials that can assist dental clinics as they work towards establishing expanded dental services and re-engage their partnerships with schools and early childhood education centers. The content leverages technical strategies, best practices, and lessons learned that can facilitate successful re-launch of those efforts.

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