Embedding and Sustaining Quality Improvement Projects


IHQC’s course on Embedding and Sustaining Quality Improvement Projects is designed for clinics that are looking for ways to take their quality improvement project/initiative to the next level. IHQC will equip participants with the skills and tools required to embed and sustain their existing QI project throughout their clinic organization. During this 3-month course, teams will receive training and coaching on change management, spread theory and sustainability.

Sample Project

Embedding and spreading the Optimizing Perinatal Outcomes (OPO) Program, which targets pregnant women with gestational diabetes and diabetes mellitus and provides comprehensive prenatal care and enhanced case management, to other high-risk maternal and fetal conditions, particularly those diagnosed with chronic hypertension prior to pregnancy.

Case Study

By utilizing the skills and resources provided to them during IHQC’s Embedding and Sustaining Quality Improvement Projects course, a participating clinic was able to successfully embed and sustain a health education curriculum and patient education materials on high-risk pregnancy at multiple clinic sites. During their project the clinic trained all of their case managers in their Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP) on chronic hypertension, revised clinic workflows; established a referral mechanism for high-risk patients, and implemented an interface between their EPM and EHR to improve data collection and case management. In addition to improving the percentage of high-risk pregnant patients enrolled in their case management and health education program, the team saw high-levels of patient and staff satisfaction at the conclusion of their project.

  • “We’re continuing what we started because we really see a difference.”

    BCCQ Participant
  • "We're much more systematic in how we look at baseline data and make improvements"

    BCCQ Participant

Like This Program?

Like this program? In order to be eligible for our 3-month Embedding and Sustaining Quality Improvement Projects course, participants must to have an existing QI project/initiative that the clinic wants to embed, sustain, or spread. The project should have outcomes that demonstrate improvement. The organization/team must also be familiar with QI fundamentals, have clinical and administrative leadership that support this initiative; have some staff and organizational experience implementing quality improvement initiatives; and have an active QI committee that meets regularly to guide improvement work.

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