Implementing Quality Improvement


IHQC’s Implementing Quality Improvement course offers participants the opportunity to develop and implement a QI project from beginning to end. Clinic teams will gain hands-on experience as they roll out their self-defined QI project. Participants will be exposed to QI and change management fundamentals that will support their efforts to improve clinic capacity to engage and sustain QI initiatives, improve the use of measures to inform quality and identify improvement opportunities, improve clinic capacity to communicate and manage change, as well as increase clinic readiness for the changing health care environment. To support clinics with these efforts, IHQC will hold quarterly conferences along with monthly webinars to provide intensive training in quality improvement, change management, HIT considerations and proactive population care management. Clinic teams will also receive consultant resources to support completion of their selected QI projects.

Sample Project

Diabetes Care Management – Implementing quality and process improvement tools and techniques to improve care management for diabetic patients.

Case Study

A BCCQ alumni clinic’s QI project sought to improve care management for patients with diabetes mellitus. On their implementation journey, the alumni clinic focused on providing self-management tools to patients, maximizing care management through care team implementation, decreasing patient cycle time through process re-engineering, and ensuring availability of clinical information at the point of care. By the end of the QI project period, the alumni clinic was able to successfully implement a care team model, improve communication through daily huddles, empower patients, and improve patient satisfaction with decreased wait times. In addition, improvements and efficiency and patient flow were reported to have decreased staff overtime. The alumni clinic was then able to utilize the savings in overtime to hire an Medical Assistant Supervisor to better support the clinic team as a whole.

  • “Our patients have stated they no longer feel like a number, but like a person who matters.”

    BCCQ Participant
  • "[...] Every team member was fully engaged and supportive of the culture change. We have implemented things we learned in BCCQ throughout the organization and at other clinics. There is no way we will ever disengage."

    BCCQ Participant

Like This Program?

Like this program? IHQC’s 15 month Implementing Quality Improvement course requires multi-disciplinary participation from clinics. In addition, eligible clinics must demonstrate leadership support, previous experience with QI fundamentals and implementing improvement initiatives, capacity to gather and track clinical and operational data using current HIT systems, and scope a project that links to the organization’s strategic direction, priorities and/or annual plan.

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